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  • (notitle) Nextdoor Post Looking for a college student who knows how to change background on pics! Need done asap! Inbox me. Thanks #Photographer#Tampa

  • (notitle) Nextdoor Post Any recommendations for an outdoor plumber to redo all the PVC piping for a pool pump and filter also outdoor water softener system I have all the parts and could do this myself but I choose not to. #Plumber#Jupiter

  • (notitle) Nextdoor Post Looking for an interior demolition estimator for project work. Would prefer an experienced individual over a company. thank you #GeneralContractor#Jupiter

  • (notitle) Nextdoor Post Any recommendations for a company to pull out a bathtub and replace with a walk-in shower? #GeneralContractor#Melbourne

  • (notitle) Nextdoor Post First off, thank you, everyone, for your past help. I’m looking for someone who can repair a hurricane accordion shutter. One side seems to be stuck. Thanks again. #Handyman#LakeWorth

  • (notitle) Nextdoor Post Looking for recommendations for a good landscaping design company to design and plant new stuff in lanai area that is reasonable #LandscapeContractor#CapeCoral

  • (notitle) Nextdoor Post Looking for a retired CPA who still does tax work for another recent retiree with social security income plus a whole bunch on 1099s from our UBS nest egg. Its time to leave our previous CPA that we have had for 40+ years in California. We live in Grandezza. #Accountant#Estero

  • (notitle) Nextdoor Post I know there was a recent post about tax preparation. Unfortunately I find Next Door complicated when it comes to finding old posts. The company I have used for 20 years has reached the maximum amount of preparations that they can do by the deadline so I need to find someone new…

  • (notitle) Nextdoor Post Hello Neighbors Im looking for an experienced painter to remove mold, prime and paint an outdoor terrace. The terrace has been repaired completely for any leaks. Thanks in advance! #Painter#Miami

  • (notitle) Nextdoor Post Looking for someone to power wash my screen and pool cage. !!! Do you know off any company that does that #PressureWashing#PuntaGorda

  • (notitle) Nextdoor Post Has anyone found a good honest plumber in the Venice area? (One who doesn’t charge for an estimate.) I have a toilet bubbling and overflowing and the nearby sink is slow. Ugh. Only companies you have actually used please. (Any negative comments will be deleted.) Thanks. #Plumber#Venice

  • (notitle) Nextdoor Post My lanai does not drain very well. About a year ago someone posted a piece you could add to drain strips so you can clean them better. Im looking for that or someone who knows what it is #Handyman#Venice

Got any book recommendations?